Marriage Blocking Dosha

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    Mangal is a destructive planet so wherever it is placed it destroys that area of life. But it becomes more destructive and aggressive when it influences marriage or love area of life. This Yagya is done to reduce the influences of mangalik dosha and obstacles in marriage / love. This works for both partners.

    Please note:
    Any Ritual or Yagya which helps in a problem or in a purpose is not strong enough to solve the purpose solely. Therefore you need and are recommended to combine at least 2 or 3 Yagyas for the same purpose so that sufficient quantity of nature support and results are generated. Also choose an Yagya Category between Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large appropriately (read below, or come on 24 x 7 Live Chat for free advice by an Expert). For example, Small Yagya will not help sufficiently or even fail to help for big goals or complicated problems. If the Yagya is meant for a big and complicated problem, for family or a group of people, then please select Extra Large Yagyas as only those can cover multiple individuals and big purposes in the results. By big purpose, we mean above average. For example, Yagya for improvement in income is an average purpose but Yagya for a income above $100,000 is a big purpose.

    When some negative planets (such as Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Sun) are placed in your 7th house in your horoscope which is the house of love and marriage or when your marital house, Venus or other planet/house important for your marriage is afflicted bu negative planets they create Vivah Pratibandhak Dosha or Marriage Blocking dosha. When applicable, this dosha obstruct you in finding a partner or getting married. It also influences your love, relation and partner after marriage. Some astrologers find the way of exceptions to console you which is not right. Because Good planetary Yogas don't wash away negative doshas in astrology. In fact both happen, good and bad planets give their results in their turn and we consume at the given time. No applicable yoga or dosha gets cancelled. Hence also this dosha can't be cancelled. For this reason a remedy becomes necessary. The outcome of this dosha can be much reduced by doing and repeating this Yagyas years in advance. When you are about to get married or lokking for a partner and obstacles keep coming, the reason will be your weak planets, mangal doshas or Vivah Pratibandhak Dosha (marriage-blocking-dosha). After you have accertained that you have this dosha, get this Yagya done to reduce the result and prevention of obstacles. It means both of you need this Yagya individually (in case of small, medium or large category) of together (in case of Extra large category). 


    Small: 3 Pandits x 3 Days
    This Yagya is done to reduce future results of marriage blocking dosha. This works for  1 person.  

    Medium: 5 Pandits x 5 Days
    This Yagya is done for reducing the influences of marriage blocking dosha for 1 person

    Large: 7 Pandits x 7 Days
    This Yagya is done to reduce the influences of marriage blocking dosha and obstacles in marriage / love. This works for 1 person. 

    Extra Large: 9 Pandits x 9 Days
    This Yagya is done to reduce the influences of marriage blocking dosha and obstacles in marriage / love. This works for both partners. 


    • Reducing influence of marriage blocking dosha
    • Reducing obstacles caused by marriage blocking dosha
    • Prevention of dangers to partner caused by dosha
    • Stability in marital / love life 
    • Health attack on partner due to this dosha
    • Physical incompatibility due to this dosha
    • Social /human obstacles in love and marriage
    • Help in Short life span of partner
    • Getting married/finding love
    • Elimination of marital trouble
    • Removal of obstacle in getting child
    • Nature support in wedding  
    • Reducing fight in relation due to this dosha
    • Communication problem with-in partners
    • Removal of obstacles in love and marriage
    • Prevention or help of delay in marriage / finding partner
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